Instant Life Insurance Quotes

Get Instant life insurance quotes from top insurance companies in minutes. Excellent customer service guaranteed. Get the lowest rates without any sales pressure. Our experienced licensed agents will guide you through the process and make sure that you make an informed decision.

“The Cheapest Life Insurance From Companies You Know and Trust”

At LifeQuote, our goal is to help you save on life insurance. We specialize in tailoring our policies to your needs and budget. Through our Smart System™, you can start your search for an instant term life insurance quote – 100% free with no commitment on your part.


Instant Life Insurance Quotes

Get Instant life insurance quotes from top insurance companies in minutes, without having to enter personal information. Excellent customer service guaranteed. Get the lowest rates without any sales pressure.

“The Cheapest Life Insurance From Companies You Know and Trust”

At LifeQuote, our goal is to help you save on life insurance. We specialize in tailoring our policies to your needs and budget. Through our Smart System™, you can start your search for an instant term life insurance quote – 100% free with no commitment on your part.


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What Sets LifeQuote Apart?

Instant Life Insurance Quotes

Transparency, Honesty and Experience

Our biggest selling point at LifeQuote is that we are life insurance specialists. We have been insuring millions of customers for billions of dollars over the past 30 years. Our services are completely unbiased. We firmly believe in a transparent and honest workflow. The price quotes we give you are from companies rated at least A (Excellent), A+, and the pinnacle, A++ (Superior), as categorized by one of the nation’s premier rating services, the A.M. Best Company. That means we find you the best for less.

This should give you the full picture. Experience speaks for itself. It’s a good feeling to know that the people handling your life insurance needs are experts in their field looking out for your future.

The LifeQuote Smart System

Our smart system does the shopping for you, matching you with the lowest priced policies from a selection of America’s highly rated insurance companies. Backed by insurance industry experts and licensed agents, our insurance shopping system evaluates price, quality, and your specific insurance calls. “We do the work… You make the choice.”


New York Life

We have partnered with some of the top insurers to get you the best possible rates. Instantly compare quotes from among these top-rated life insurance companies you know and trust. LifeQuote is committed to make your comparison shopping easier.

No Medical Exam vs Fully Underwritten Life Insurance

No Medical Exam

Clients who are looking for life insurance without going through the hassle of a paramedical exam, are best suited for this option. We understand your busy schedule and health priorities. Also if you have certain health problems like high blood pressure and cholesterol, then applying for fully underwritten life insurance may not be a wise decision as that may lead to high premiums. Most of the time, the cost difference between the two policies is not much. Also, you are not required to give a blood sample when applying for a no medical exam policy. Therefore, this might be the best choice for those who have an aversion to needles and fear having their blood drawn. Another best thing about no exam life insurance policy is its fast approval. You may get approved in a day or two or sometimes in within 15 minutes.

Fully Underwritten

To apply for a fully underwritten life insurance policy, you are required to undergo a medical exam. This exam includes in-depth health questions, blood, and urine tests. Lab results are tested for various health conditions— high cholesterol, diabetes, or other medical issues that insurance carriers could consider to be risky to your longevity. Based on your answers and lab results, the life insurance carrier offers you a policy. If you are a healthy applicant and rate well for all their risk factors, you will likely receive an offer from the carrier within a matter of weeks, sometimes sooner. The insurance companies take an in-depth look into your background to establish your insurability. The prime advantage of fully underwritten life insurance policy is the price. Typically, the premiums are lower than no medical exam.

We at LifeQuote strive to make your life easier by giving you an option to choose only the best. Our professional independent agents will run the quotes for you and let you know how much you will pay for no medical exam life insurance and fully underwritten life insurance. This way you may go for the option that best suits your needs.

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Term Life Insurance Quotes: Getting the Best Policy

Let’s face it…. the idea of buying life insurance is not exciting. It’s not like getting up in the middle of the night to Google the price of that shiny, new luxury car you’ve always dreamed of. You may not be able to afford it but you still want it. Nobody lusts after life insurance. It isn’t glamorous or sexy and may actually seem a bit depressing but many of you realize you need it. But think of it this way---- life insurance---- especially a term life insurance policy has at least two positives going for it: it is affordable, and could someday fulfill your family’s dreams. However, figuring out which life insurance policy is right for you can be confusing and even intimidating. But don't let that scare you because getting the best deal on a policy begins with an enjoyable and educational process… comparison-shopping for the best term life insurance quotes from the highest-rated companies.

Factors That Term Life Insurance Quotes Are Based On?

When shopping for term life insurance policy, there are some factors that you should keep in mind. These factors are taken into consideration by insurance companies to determine the rate class you will qualify for:



Generally speaking, the younger and healthier you are, the lower your life insurance premiums will be. It is logical due to longevity tables.



The life expectancy for a woman is longer than that of a man. Because of this, life insurance companies tend to offer lower premiums to a woman than they will to a man for the same amount of coverage and length of insurance.


Height and Weight Ratio

The height and weight ratio is also an important factor when determining term life insurance premium rates. For life insurance companies, obesity is a considerable risk factor and higher risk will equate to higher insurance premiums. However, if you want, we can help you align with the most overweight or obese friendly high-risk life insurance companies in the marketplace.


Health Status

Many life insurance carriers would ask for a medical examination upon applying for a policy. There are also no medical exam policies but they are a bit expensive.


Smoking Status

Life insurance premiums are higher for smokers than for those who don’t smoke.



By improving your health and lifestyle, you can save yourself a lot of money on premiums. Read our post to find out more.



Individuals who work in particularly high-risk occupations often have to pay higher rates for term life insurance.

The Difference between Term Life and Permanent Insurance Coverage

There are two primary types of life insurance policies. The most common (and most affordable) type of life insurance coverage is known as term life insurance. The other primary type of life insurance is known as permanent life insurance. Before making any major decisions, it is important to understand the differences between these two categories. Read more here.

Ready to Get a Term Life Insurance Quote?

It only takes a few minutes to get started by answering a handful of questions. Your age, gender, and State of residence are enough to give you approximate instant rates from multiple carriers. The application process begins as soon as you choose a company’s policy. For some applicants, a no-medical exam insurer might be the perfect choice. These companies have specific approval guidelines and only require a phone interview and an online application but not everyone is a candidate for approval. Younger and healthier applicants usually stand a good chance. Most people will apply for fully underwritten policies and have to undergo a medical exam. The whole process could take weeks so best to get started with your search. It might not be as exciting as shopping for that fantasy Ferrari but your family will be the beneficiary of this selfless gift of love… and it won’t keep you up at night.

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