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I wanted to thank you for your help in both my wife and I getting insurance policies. Thank you very much!

Noah Sheppard

Thank you for helping me care for a necessary financial need that protects me and my family.

Bruce Townsend (California)

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Why We Love Customer Testimonials

Want to be included on this page? We'd love to hear your LifeQuote review, too! But if you're shopping rather than reviewing, testimonial pages can be a gold mine of information for you. Of course, you always want to be on the lookout for obvious good qualities, like prompt customer service. But just using the social proof on this page, here’s what you can learn about what LifeQuote can do for you. Your never know - a life insurance testimonial might just reveal a question you never thought to ask.

Our Favorite Customer Reviews

I had a 10 term life insurance policy with another company and when I tried to renew it, the policy jumped from $300/month to $1,100/ month. I called Life-Quote and Mr. Gaddis took down my information and recommended changing life insurance companies to get a better rate. The policy that I ended up with cost $560/month for the same coverage and saved me $440 a month for the next 10 years.

Doug D.

Whether I was seeking life insurance in the amount of $50,000 or $500,000, Mr. Gaddis always went the extra mile to assist. Besides the superior customer service skills, (he) is very knowledgeable and provided alternatives given my particular situation. Mr. Gaddis is an asset to LifeQuote.

Edgar S.

They have been outstanding to work with in making the process so easy to obtain life insurance. I highly recommend him!

Michelle M.

During a recent effort to upgrade my son's coverage, there was an underwriting issue that denied his coverage. However, LifeQuote took it upon themselves to contact the underwriter and resolve the misunderstanding. My son was able to get the level of coverage he needs and with a premium that I can enjoy...Thanks!

Rick Watts

I just wanted to say thanks for all your follow up and help with my life insurance policy! It was a long process, especially after the hospital records were lost and all the other little things that needed follow up. As a business owner, I appreciate the follow through and attention to detail. Thanks.

Chris Postle

I would like to thank you for having the very best term life insurance website on the entire internet...I have an existing Genworth life policy and wanted to compare rates and your website provided me with the information almost immediately...I've searched other sites and they call me minutes after I submit my phone number, and then continue to call me like vultures desperate to make a sale...Again, thank you for the professionalism you provide on your website. I will recommend your site to everyone I know...

Jerry Tausend

My experience using LifeQuote to acquire additional life insurance coverage was very positive. I worked the staff from LifeQuote who was always very accessible in answering my questions by email and phone and they promptly arranged my medical exam with a very professional company who came to my home and efficiently completed the exam and medical interview. Soon after my policy was approved. Working with LifeQuote throughout the whole process was very pleasant and they truly seemed interested in willing to provide assistance and the best service possible. I would not hesitate to use their services again in the future and would recommend them to friends and family for their insurance needs.

Jenna W.

We did look into purchasing another $500K (of life insurance) each (directly from a major insurance company) before a friend recommended we check prices on LifeQuote. Your prices were we followed through with you. We both plan to have $750K each, per our financial advisors counsel...we will have what we need after these plans with you are in place.

Pam V, Portland, Oregon

Thank you for all of your help - I am very impressed with the Life Quote Team!!

Cord Pack

The customer service was beyond our expectations. Since some of my family members have medical conditions, LifeQuote explained the process and what rates would be correct for them. Our son is in college out of State and LifeQuote was able to get his information and make the process easy for him with his busy schedule. The staff was reassuring and helpful every step of the way. I thank them all for their dedication to my family; all five of us are now insured and protected. Thanks so much Ileana and the LifeQuote staff!

The Hickey Family

During the entire process, your agent clearly articulated my application status to me, communicated with others on my behalf, and proactively called me and e-mailed me to update me on progress being made. Proactive and very helpful... my thanks.

Gene Murphy

What Can You Learn from a Life Insurance Testimonial?

A lot! In fact, a life insurance testimonial often tells you quite a bit about the questions you should be asking as you shop. Let’s take a look at these gems pulled straight from our customer reviews:

Don’t forget your spouse!

Both of you might need coverage. In the first testimonial on this page, our client Noah said he and his wife both bought life insurance policies. Smart move! Covering the family breadwinner is a no-brainer, but don’t forget about the million jobs your spouse does, too. This is especially true for stay-at-home spouses. From childcare and cooking to cleaning and laundry, imagine how much it would cost to pay someone to take over those chores. Your stay-at-home spouse is hard-working, so protect their contributions to your family with life insurance. Thanks for helping us highlight this important point in your LifeQuote review, Noah! If you’re not sure whether your spouse needs coverage, ask us for a free life insurance review. We’re happy to help!

Consider what happens if you outlive your term life policy.

If you still need coverage, the price will go up. Our client Doug originally bought a 10-year term life policy, but still needed coverage a decade later. While almost all term policies let you renew the policy on an annual basis, it’s going to be significantly more expensive (as Doug found out). The solution? Either buy the longest term you can afford, or before you buy, talk to a LifeQuote agent. We’ll find you a term policy with an option to convert to permanent. That way, while you’re still covered, you can safely (and affordably) convert your policy into something longer-lasting without going through the underwriting process all over again. If you’re not sure whether your current policy has the option to convert, contact us for a free life insurance review.

The more you tell your LifeQuote agent about your needs, the more they can help you.

When you call us, we’ll do a full life insurance review to make sure what you’re looking for is actually the right policy for your needs. Our client Edgar provided enough detail about his financial situation and medical history so that we could go to work and find alternatives that met his needs. Sure, there are ways to buy a policy 100% online…but if you don’t talk to an agent, you might be missing out on carriers or policies that better meet your needs. After all, it’s our job to know which carriers are most likely to accept applicants with, say, a particular health condition. Or who offers the best rates to cigar smokers. The only way you can get that insider information? Talk to us! Let us help you find the truly best option that fits your needs and budget.

It pays to shop around for life insurance.

As our client Pam found out, some life insurance brokers have access to additional carriers and policies that might be more affordable than the ones you’ve found previously. We found the right policy at the right carrier to save Pam money, allowing her to buy more coverage than she initially thought she could afford. Even if you already have a quote from another carrier or broker, ask us for a life insurance review! You never know how much you could save. Thanks, Pam, for leaving such a great tip in your LifeQuote review!

See how much you can learn from customer reviews? There’s a lot more to discover from our happy customers. Don’t forget to leave us your LifeQuote review. Use the form at the top of the page to share your insurance story. Keep those testimonials coming!

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