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November 5, 2021

MetLife Has Paid $2.1B in U.S. COVID-19 Death Claims

MetLife has paid a total of about $2.1 billion in life insurance benefits in connection with COVID-19-related deaths since the pandemic started in January 2020. The 2021 COVID-19 death benefits payments have been higher than the 2020 payments, according to Michel Khalaf, the New York-based company’s CEO.
October 4, 2021

Why Life Insurance Must Be A Key Element in Any Financial Strategy

The COVID-19 experience has made it clear that life is fragile – physically, emotionally, and financially. For many Americans, the pandemic has been a wake-up call, a trigger to reexamine the financial strategies they have created to prepare for the […]
March 15, 2021

Life Insurers Fight Social Media Vaccine Disinformation

What You Need to Know Some social media posts state life insurers classify getting a COVID-19 vaccine as a hazardous pursuit. One claim is that life insures will not pay benefits to those who receive the vaccine and die. The […]