Instant Life Insurance Quotes

Instant life insurance quotes are the best way to start your search for a new policy. There’s no better way to get a feel for how much coverage you can afford as you start to make a plan and a budget.

We know the idea of buying life insurance isn’t very exciting. But think of it this way: you have someone on your side to help answer questions and support you through the entire process. At LifeQuote, we work for you, our client. We don’t work for the insurance companies, so we can provide open, honest, and unbiased advice. That's why we offer instant online life insurance quotes - to help you see how affordable a new policy could be.

Getting the best deal on a new policy starts right here, when you get a life insurance quote comparison:

Q&A: Instant Life Insurance Quotes

Q: What kind of policy can I get a quote for?

A: The quoter above can deliver quotes for multiple policy types. It all depends on what you select for the Coverage Length box:

  • You’ll get a term life insurance quote if you pick a specific coverage length, from a renewable 1-year policy all the way up to a 40-year term. If you pick any of the term lengths with “ROP” after them, you’ll get a term life insurance quote for a return of premium policy. This type of policy costs a bit more, but at the end of your term, you’ll get back all the premiums you paid. It’s a good way to hedge your bets if you know you need coverage but are worried about wasting money if you outlive your term.
  • You’ll get a permanent life insurance quote comparison if you select any of the listed ages (“To age 65” through “To age 110”). This type of policy lets you select the age to which you want coverage rather than a term length.
  • You’ll also get a permanent life insurance quote comparison if you select “Lifetime.” Choose this if you want a policy that covers you throughout your life without having to select a term length or particular age through which you want to be covered.

Q: Is the quote what I’ll actually pay?

A: It’s best to think of your quote as an estimate. For life insurance quotes, instant results only give you a somewhat generic picture of what your policy is likely to cost. The quote is a best guess based on the information you provide about yourself (age, height and weight).

But there’s more to instant life insurance quotes than those three factors. If you want to apply for a policy, we’ll collect more information about your health, health history, and lifestyle. With a fuller picture of your health, the insurer can assign you a risk classification. That risk classification is how they set prices. That’s why the final rate you’ll be offered (if they accept your application) may be different than your initial instant online life insurance quotes. We recommend you use the initial quote as a rough estimate. It’s helpful for planning a budget or just figuring out how much coverage you might be able to afford. When you’re ready to apply, give us a call and we’ll collect all the information needed to give you the most accurate quote possible.

Q: Can I buy more or less coverage than I got a quote for?

A: Of course! You’re not locked into anything when you get a term life insurance quote. That quote is just an estimate. If you want to apply for that amount of coverage, the quote is our initial estimate of what it would cost. It doesn’t mean you’re obligated to apply at all, let alone for that particular amount or term length. All your options are still open!

Q: Does my quote expire?

A: It doesn’t expire, but there are factors that might change your rates depending on how long you wait to apply. Just because you get life insurance quotes, instant action isn’t required. But because life insurance pricing is based on your age, your rates could go up if you have a birthday between the time you get a quote and the time you apply. The bottom line? You’re as young as you’re ever going to be right now, so it’s the most affordable time to apply.

There’s another good reason not to wait. In addition to your age, life insurance pricing also depends on your health. Let’s say you’re healthy now and everything seems fine. You get instant life insurance quotes and everything looks good, but you decide to wait on buying a policy. Then, a year from now, let’s say you go in for a check-up and the doctor discovers you’re pre-diabetic. Your life insurance coverage is going to cost a little more because you now have a documented health impairment. The bottom line in this example? If you’re healthy, do a life insurance quote comparison and apply now – just in case any unexpected health challenges pop up in the near future that could alter your rates.

Also keep in mind that insurers can change their rates at any time. Sometimes they lower rates on popular policies to stay competitive, while other times, they may raise rates for applicants who represent a greater risk. If the rates you see in your instant online life insurance quotes are affordable, apply as soon as possible to lock in that price.

Q: How do I know what coverage amounts to pick?

A: Your situation is unique – your financial needs, your family’s goals, and the obligations you want to cover if you pass away. That’s why we can’t give you a hard-and-fast number without getting to know more about you. If you call us, our licensed insurance agents can help you figure it out in just a few minutes!

But for the purposes of doing a rough estimate, start with 10 times your annual income. This doesn’t take into account bigger goals – helping loved ones pay off the mortgage to keep the house, or sending your kids to college. But the 10x formula is an acceptable starting point for your life insurance quote comparison. That should cover a period of lost income, funeral expenses, final medical expenses, and the cash to help your family get through the grieving period before making any major life changes.

PRO TIP: You can also use our life insurance needs calculator for extra help.

Q: How do I know what coverage length to pick?

A: Like the coverage amount, this is something we can’t make a blanket recommendation for. We need to ask a few questions about your needs and goals before we’ll know which policy type or length might suit your needs. In general, though, here are some things to consider for your term life insurance quote:

  • How old are your kids? You want your policy to cover you until they’re grown up and on their own.
  • Do you have a mortgage? If so, you may want that policy to cover you until the house is paid off – especially if you’re the family breadwinner.
  • How long until you retire? If you’re thinking ahead, you want to cover yourself for the years you’re working and earning income to support your spouse and loved ones.

Q: Does the occasional cigar or marijuana use count as tobacco use?

A: Every insurer sets their own guidelines for how they define a “smoker.” We’ve seen a carrier offering someone who smokes a cigar once a year a non-smoker rate. When it comes to marijuana, it depends if it’s used recreationally or by a doctor’s prescription. If it’s used with a prescription, the insurer will need more information about the condition requiring treatment. If it’s recreational, the insurer will need to know how frequently you use marijuana. You’ll likely be offered Standard Smoker rates, but some carriers are more lenient with smoker ratings than others. If you contact us, we can point you in the right direction as you’re shopping for a term life insurance quote.

Q: What happens if I smoke but don’t select a tobacco frequency?

A: We don’t recommend this for several reasons. First, the most affordable policies require medical underwriting. That means you’ll be required to take a brief medical exam to apply. During the exam, you’ll have to provide a blood and urine sample for testing. Once tests are run on your samples, the insurer will be able to see if there’s any evidence of tobacco use in your system. If so, you’ll be offered a rate that fits the risk class of a smoker. And second, honesty is always the best policy! We recommend being 100% honest when you request instant online life insurance quotes.

Q: Why do you need my phone number and email address?

A: Life insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. We need to learn a bit more about you to provide the most accurate life insurance quote comparison. We ask for your phone number and email address so we can reach you. When it comes to life insurance quotes, instant is best. So we’ll reach out right away and ask if you have any questions about your quote, help you apply if you choose to move forward, and gather the necessary information to submit your application to the carrier you choose. We care about your privacy and security and will never sell that information to a third party. We work for you, not the insurance companies – and our only priority is helping you and your family get the peace of mind life insurance can bring.