American General Life Insurance Company Review

In the year 2019, one of the world’s largest insurance companies will be celebrating its 100th anniversary: AIG (American International Group). With such a momentous milestone on the horizon for this popular insurance provider, LifeQuote brings you this American General Life Insurance Company (AIG) Review.

Why AIG?american general life insurance

AIG Life Insurance is rated highly among all four financial strength rating agencies. They’ve received an excellent rating from A.M. Best, strong ratings from both Standard & Poor’s and Fitch, and good rating from Moody’s. They offer several guaranteed acceptance life insurance policies at affordable rates and offer several flexible premium and benefit packages. American General makes it simple to shop for their variety of life insurance products, and provides many resources to keep their clients informed as they make important decisions for the future of their families.

Life Insurance Products Offered by American General Life Insurance Company

Term Life insurance:

American General Life Insurance Company (AIG) offers two term life insurance products, covering customers anywhere from 10, 15, 30 or 35 years. These policies are ideal for individuals and families looking for basic, affordable coverage for a set period.

Select-a-Term: This product allows customers to choose the benefit amount they need for whatever length of time they need it. They offer 18 different term options with this policy, be it 10 years, between 15 and 30 years, or 35 years. There’s also a built-in conversion option available up to the end of the level-premium period (or age 70), without requiring any additional underwriting.

QoL Flex Term: One of several of AIG’s “Quality of Life” insurance options (detailed later), this term insurance policy provides coverage along with built-in accelerated benefit riders, which provide an advance on the policy’s death benefit to cover costs for long-term care and other expenses due to a chronic, critical, or terminal illness. Like Select-a-Term, this policy offers a range of term options and convertibility options. Other available riders for this policy include an accidental death benefit, child rider, and waiver of premium.

Quality of Life

American General Life Insurance Company (AIG) offers 4 life insurance products that offer built-in living benefits that provide protection for those dealing with the unexpected, such as terminal illness. These policies are ideal for people who want financial protection for whatever matters most to them.

QoL Flex Term: see above under “Term Life Insurance”

QoL Guarantee Plus GUL II: This product provides guaranteed lifelong insurance that also builds cash value. It includes the option of receiving supplemental income for retirement.

QoL Value Protector: This index universal life insurance product offers built-in living benefits, cash value accumulation, and a guaranteed death benefit up to age 100.

QoL Max Accumulator: Another cash value index universal life insurance product, which also includes supplemental retirement income and long-term wealth accumulation.

Universal Life:

There are 4 options for universal life insurance with American General. Two are guaranteed and two are index. These policies are ideal for individuals and families who need flexible coverage with basic investment options and living benefits.

Guaranteed Universal Life

Secure Lifetime GUL 3: With this product, clients get a guaranteed death benefit plus cash value potential. Benefits and premiums are flexible, and there are a variety of riders and features available to customize the policy to fit your needs.

AG Secure Survivor GUL II: Ideal for asset and business protection from estate taxes, featuring guaranteed death benefit and premium flexibility. You can even make partial withdrawals while maintaining pro-rated benefits.

Indexed Universal Life

Value Protector: This is protection-focused products that combine many of the benefits of other universal life insurance products with other features and interest crediting to reduce costs.

Max Accumulator: This flexible IUL product focuses on retirement and long-term wealth accumulation, offering tax-advantaged income and cash value enhancement features.

Variable Universal Life:

These life insurance products build cash value through investments, providing flexibility for premiums and death benefits should your needs change. These policies are ideal for those with an interest and knowledge in investment funds and are looking for a more advanced life insurance policy. While AIG has built several variable life insurance products, only one of them is currently available. AG Platinum Choice VUL 2 is the only Variable Universal Life insurance product for sale currently at AIG, and you can download more information about it here.

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life: For qualified applicants between the ages of 50 and 85, AIG offers a guaranteed-issue whole life insurance policy. With coverage ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 and affordable fixed premiums, acceptance is guaranteed without an exam or extensive underwriting. These policies are ideal for covering final expenses like funeral costs, medical bills, and credit card debt.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment: Another guaranteed-acceptance option, this insurance product helps limit out of pocket expenses in the event of an unexpected, serious injury or death due to an accident. AD&D provides up to $500,000 of benefits and could be a good plan B for those who have been turned down for other life insurance products in the past since there’s no application or medical exam. These plans are ideal for people who need supplemental coverage for a health plan or desire quick coverage without an exam.

Sample Life Insurance Rates

Profile10-year Term
Male, 40 yr old, $250,000$14/month
Female, 40 yr old, $250,000$14/month

$250000 coverage at a Preferred Plus rate with AIG

$500000 coverage at a Preferred Plus rate with AIG

$750000 coverage at a Preferred Plus rate with AIG


Customer Service

AIG’s entire team is easily accessible online. As a policyholder, you can easily manage your policy online and access all the necessary claims forms and contact forms to get your problem solved efficiently. Clients can access their FAQ page to get basic questions answered, such as how to pay premiums, set up electronic billing, or changing beneficiaries. New customers can access free life insurance quotes from AIG online as well, and they provide in-depth, downloadable PDF brochures for all their life insurance products.

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AIG may or may not be the right fit for you. 

Your age, health status, and lifestyle preferences will determine which life insurance company you should pick.

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