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Haven Life Review – Let’s Take a Closer Lookhaven life insurance review

Haven life insurance review in brief:

Process: Easy, Quick and can be completed online in no time.
Price: Haven life does not offer the lowest rates available but they are comparatively affordable than some of the largest insurers in the market, especially for smokers.
Ratings: Haven life is issued by Mass Mutual, an A++ AM Best rated company.

Good For:

  • Young parents and professionals preferably under the age of 45, who are seeking fast, affordable coverage from a platform designed to make the process simple and painless.
  • Smokers looking for competitive rates

Bad For:

  • People who are looking for more investment options in life insurance like permanent life.
  • Seniors over the age of 65
  • Applicants with pre-existing conditions

The reason we put this haven life review together is to help you decide if this is the right life insurance company for you or not. Read on for more details.

To the young father of two living in Connecticut looking for a life insurance company that will fit his family needs without breaking the bank, or to a single mom in Ohio shopping around for life insurance but can’t seem to find a process that’s simple, intuitive and affordable…look no further than Haven Life Insurance Company.

With this start-up that’s been fully backed and owned by Mass Mutual since May of 2014, you get the best of both worlds from a company that’s both innovative and dependable. They are able to cater to the modern life insurance shopper while also having the expertise and financial strength of a larger agency that’s been around for over 160 years.

The company describes themselves as “a tech-focused life insurance agency that offers affordable, fully medically-underwritten term life insurance that you can purchase online.”

According to a recent report by VentureBeat, Haven Life uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence and human interaction to help customers find the best policy for them. The AI does the cross-checking and question-generating to get a customer approved, while an actual human underwriter will review everything before any final decisions are made. According to their head of policy design, the use of AI is merely to leverage the strengths of both modern technology and the strengths of human interaction together.

Characteristics of Haven Life Insurance Company:

Haven Life Insurance Company characterizes themselves using four key terms: Dependable, Easy, Affordable, and Caring.

Also, with an excellent track record in customer reviews, you know you’ll be getting the customer service experience you need when it comes to planning for life insurance.

1. Dependable:haven life ratings

Fully backed and owned by Mass Mutual, Haven Life Insurance Company can cater to the modern life insurance shopper while having the dependability of a larger company. Because of their connection to Mass Mutual, Haven Life has rated in the top three categories for all four financial strength rating agencies: Top category with A.M. Best, 2nd category with both Fitch and Standard & Poor’s, and 3rd category with Moody’s.

2. Easy:haven life ambest ratings

Haven Life prides themselves on simplicity. Applying for a policy with Haven Life is an intuitive, convenient process. You can even get a rate estimate and a free quote before you start the application process.

Using their “Estimate Your Rate” tool, you simply enter a few basic pieces of information, including the coverage amount you’re seeking, and you get a policy recommended to you with estimated rates based on your information, spelled out in plain language that’s easy to understand. If you aren’t sure how much coverage you need, there is even a built-in needs calculator right there in the same form that can help you determine how much life insurance coverage to buy.

3. Affordable:

For Haven Life, individual term life insurance is the focus. As of right now, they do not offer any group, whole life or universal life insurance products. However, they’ve fine-tuned their “Haven Term” life insurance product to meet the diverse needs of a growing clientele of young families and professionals seeking affordable life insurance coverage that’s easy to get and understand.

As of July 2018, Haven Life announced that they’re expanding this medically-underwritten term policy to become available to legal non-U.S. citizens and individuals with chronic illnesses (according to PR Newswire). The company uses an underwriting process called “InstantTerm.” Basically, it provides immediate coverage for qualified applicants for up to $1,000,000 in coverage. Using modern technology, it analyzes the data you provide and authorize Haven Life to get to determine whether or not you can get approved, all in less time than most other life insurance underwriting processes. Should more information be needed, Haven Life will then ask further questions or request a medical exam to help better understand your health status and get you approved quickly.

Features of their term life insurance policy include level premiums, an accelerated death benefit rider, commission-free policies, renewability (not convertibility), and paperless processing.

What sets them apart from other companies is HavenLife Plus, a rider they’ve built into the price of all their policies that actually benefit the insured now, while they’re still living. Though the rider is not available in all states, it’s stacked with discounts and subscriptions to help customers manage their health and finances in the here and now.

HavenLife Plus rider benefits:

Trust & Will: an online tool for creating and updating your legal will. Haven Life policyholders get a year of unlimited updates (for themselves or as a couple) included with their policy.• TeloYears: an at-home DNA health test to help monitor how you age. Policyholders can get a sample collection kit for only $30 plus free shipping and handling.

LifeSite: A secure online health and life documents organizer, also accessible on your phone or tablet. Haven Life policyholders get a free subscription for themselves and up to five family members.

• A 15% discount on any single service at CVS Minute Clinic

For a Haven Term life insurance policy, they estimate an average monthly cost of only $21 per month, including the HavenLife Plus rider. Compare that to the cost of other typical monthly expenses, and term life insurance with added benefits isn’t looking so out of reach. At this time, premiums for Haven Term life insurance can only be paid monthly, not annually.

4. Caring:

The team of executives and employees at Haven Life Insurance Company represent a casual atmosphere that’s not too corporate or intimidating for the average Joe looking for life insurance. They describe themselves as smart, creative, and compassionate. CEO Yaron Ben-Zvi started this company for people like himself: a father with young kids, trying to protect their future by buying life insurance and finding the process of shopping, applying, and getting approved to be way more difficult and complicated than it should be in this day and age. Haven Life was born out of a desire to simplify that process for the customer, catering to their individual needs and utilizing modern technology to meet those needs.

Haven Life Customer Service

Haven Life Insurance Company has a great track record with their customers. This is another thing the company prides itself on: their relationships with people. As stated on their website, their philosophy is to “let our customers tell us what’s important to them, then use technology to address those needs.”

People are singing their praises on TrustPilot, describing them in customer reviews as “quick to respond,” “easy to understand,” offering “non-intrusive” help and reminders, making the whole process easy from start to finish. It’s clear that their customer support team is easily accessible, offering phone, e-mail, and online chat options to talk to a representative. There’s also an easy to use contact form built right into the website.

Haven Life Insurance Company also strives to equip their customers as best they can while they are doing their research on life insurance, some probably for the first time. Before getting a rate quote, Haven Life has a checklist of things an individual needs to have or know before filling out the quote form. They also educate customers on Haven Term Life Insurance with their detailed “Term Life Insurance 101” page and FAQ page.

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Haven Life Sample Life Insurance Quotes:

Policy HolderCoverageTermMonthly Rate

23-year-old, Excellent Health, No Smoker

$250,00015 years$10.38

31-year-old, Excellent Health, No Smoker

$300,00020 years$44.25

37-year-old, Excellent Health, No Smoker

$200,00020 years$17.17

53-year-old, Excellent Health, No Smoker

$100,00015 years$38.17

Haven Life Medical Exam:

Although Haven Life offers quick life insurance, they do require a medical exam within 90 days.

If you are looking for no exam life insurance then there are many life insurance companies out there that offer competitive no exam rates. Take a look at our list of top no exam life insurance companies.

A Summarized Review on Haven Life

In short, Haven Life Insurance Company is ideal for young parents and professionals who are seeking fast, affordable coverage from a platform designed to make the process simple and painless. For more affluent life insurance shoppers looking for more investment options or permanent life insurance, this company is not for you, as they currently only offer term life insurance that cannot be converted later on. That being said, in a day and age where ease of use and good customer service both go a long way, Haven Life Insurance is a great place to start planning for the future and protecting your loved ones. If what you’re looking for is a no-fuss, simple, affordable term life insurance policy, you’ll have come to the right place.

Haven Life Address: 60 Madison Ave, 7th floor, New York, NY 10010
Phone Number: (855) 744-2836
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Thank you for reading our Haven Life Insurance Review. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know in the comments below.

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