List of Insurance Companies and Agents

The Companies We Represent Are Our Strength

We only work with the best life insurance companies in the business. Those companies with the highest ratings are the ones we represent. We encourage you to go to the company ratings page and check out their ratings, in order to choose the strongest companies for your policy. Companies such as Transamerica, ING, Prudential, Banner Life, and Pacific Life will insure you for your particular needs.

▪ Some companies have a more favorable view of smokers. We can direct your application to the companies that will be the best fit for your profile. Our goal is to find the perfect company that is going to view your application favourably.
▪ We know that price is important to you so we will work hard to find you the most cost-effective policy.
▪ Our experience and expertise is an asset to you. We will do as much or as little as you prefer to help you with the application process. Our agents and support team will handle all the paperwork, set up your medical exam, and do all the heavy lifting to get your policy approved.
▪ We don’t charge you any fees. Whether you buy your policy through us as the broker or directly from a major life insurance company, it will not make any price difference to you. We just try to streamline the process for you and will do our best to get you the cheapest term life insurance policy that fits your specific needs.

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Below is a list of life insurance companies and agents that we currently quote for:

  • Accordia Life (Life) Mutual of Omaha
  • AIG United of Omaha (Life/Annuity/LTC)
  • American General Life (Life/Annuity) C Companion Life (Life/Annuity)
  • United States Life Insurance Company of NY (Life/Annuity) C Mutual of Omaha (DI)
  • Western National Life (Annuity) National Life Group (Independent only)
  • Allianz Life Insurance Co. of the Southwest (Life)
  • Allianz Life Insurance Company of NA (Life/Annuity) C National Life Insurance Co. (Life)
  • Allianz Life of NY (Annuity) C Nationwide (Life/Annuity)
  • American Equity (Annuity) C New York Life (Life/Annuity)
  • American National North American Company for Life & Health (Life/Annuity)
  • American National (Life/Annuity) OneAmerica (LTC)
  • American National of NY (Annuity) Pacific Life (Restricted Access) (Life/Annuity/LTC)
  • Ameritas Life (Life/Annuity/DI) C Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company (Life/Annuity)
  • Assurity Life (Life/Annuity/DI) Principal Financial Group
  • AXA (Life) Principal National (Life/Annuity/DI)
  • Columbian Financial Group C Principal Life(Life/Annuity/DI)
  • Columbian Life Insurance Company (Life) Protective
  • Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Company (Life) Protective Life (Life/Annuity)
  • Fidelity Security Life (DI) C Protective Life & Annuity (Life/Annuity)
  • Genworth C Prudential Financial (Life)
  • Genworth Life & Annuity Insurance Company (Life) Securian
  • Genworth Life Insurance Company of NY (Life) Minnesota Life (Life/Annuity)
  • Genworth Life Insurance Company (Annuity/LTC) C Securian Life (Life/Annuity)
  • Gerber Life (Life) C Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of NY (Life/Annuity)
  • Guardian Life Insurance Company Symetra (Life/Annuity)
  • John Hancock The Standard (Annuity)
  • John Hancock USA (Life/LTC) Transamerica
  • John Hancock of NY (Life) Transamerica Life Insurance Company (Life/LTC)
  • Legal & General America C Transamerica Financial (Life/LTC)
  • Banner Life Insurance Company (Life) Western & Southern
  • William Penn of NY (Life) Western & Southern Life (Life)
  • Liberty Life Assurance of Boston (Life/Annuity) Integrity Life Insurance Company (Annuity)
  • Lincoln Financial Group C National Integrity Life (Annuity)
  • Lincoln Financial (Life/Annuity/LTC) Voya (formerly ING U.S.)
  • Lincoln Life & Annuity of NY (Life/Annuity/LTC) Voya ReliaStar Life Insurance Company (Life)
  • Lloyd’s of London (DI) C Voya ReliaStar Life Insurance Company of NY (Life/Annuity)
  • MetLife Voya Security Life of Denver (Life)
  • MetLife Insurance Co. USA (Life) Voya USA Annuity & Life Insurance Co. (Annuity)
  • First MetLife Investors (Life)
  • Metropolitan Life (Life/DI)
  • Quinstreet, Inc.
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