Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Review

Are you considering buying a policy from Metropolitan life insurance company? Then this recent review will provide you with all the latest information that you are looking for!

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company:

Metlife Inc is the holding corporation for Metropolitan life insurance company.

About Metlife:

Metropolitan life insurance company

With a new look and a new business focus, Metlife insurance company aims to grow as a customer-focused company. Long associated with “Snoopy” as its mascot, the company came aboard with a new logo in 2016. This new logo featuring a simple “M” is a reflection of MetLife’s partnership with its customers. The tagline, “Metlife, Navigating life together” signals the message of trust and long-lasting relationship with their customers.

In 2017, Metlife introduced a new company Brighthouse Financial to spun off most of its U.S individual life insurance and annuity businesses.

Company website:

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Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Ratings:

Strong ratings show financial strength and reliability. Metropolitan life insurance company boasts superior ratings from an agency like A.M Best. This clearly reflects that the company is on a solid financial ground and can meet its financial obligations if needed.

 A.M. BestA+Superior
 Standard & Poor´sAA-Very Strong
 FitchAA-Very Strong

Metlife Life Insurance Products:

Metlife No-Exam Term Life Insurance:

The company offers only one life insurance product to individuals under the name of Metlife Rapid Term Life Insurance. With this policy you can:

  • Buy coverage up to $500,000
  • Avoid medical exam. You will only be asked a few health-related questions, and the decision will be made in days instead of weeks.
  • Choose a term that fits your needs, i.e., 10,15,20,25 or 30 years.
  • Buy policy online or by phone.

Other types of term life insurance products by Metlife are offered only through a workplace and not on an individual basis.

Why Choose Metlife?

With lots of other life insurance companies out there why would you choose Metlife? Let’s have a look at some of the areas where Metlife stands out:

  • Metlife has been good with insuring clients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.
  • It also has awesome underwriting policies in regards to blood pressure, especially for older clients. A person aged 65 with a blood pressure reading of 140/85 will still qualify for Metlife’s Elite plus rates.

Metlife also has other niches where it outshines the competition such as life insurance for marijuana users. Although you may be considering Metlife for your insurance needs by now, but before you make this huge financial decision, it’s better to weigh in some other options as well.


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