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Principal National Life Insurance Company

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711 High St.
Des Moines, IA 50392-1520
(800) 986-3343

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The life insurance products The Principal National Life Insurance Company offers range from basic Term Life Insurance Products to much more complex products like their Variable Universal Life Insurance choice. One of the lesser known products, which has just come to market from Principal National Life Insurance Company, is its $1 million no medical term policy. It is the first of its kind in the market and uses state-of-the-art technology to determine a person’s eligibility for up to a million in coverage with no physical exam.

The Principal  National Life Insurance Company was founded on frugal ways of doing business so it could be done for the benefit of its members, and this strategy is still being employed today. Principal is competitive across several industries, too, not just life insurance. Its core focus and marketing strategy aim to help individuals, families, and small businesses all across the nation and around the world.

Principal has the capacity to say it’s “A” rated from four of the major rating agencies, making it one of the best rated life insurance companies in America when based on financial strength, security, and solvency. A.M. Best, Fitch, Moody’s, as well as Standard & Poor’s have all awarded Principal with a rating meaning the company is financially sound and likely to continue in such a stride.


The Principal  National Life Insurance Company began its journey in the middle of 1879 under the name it would hold for over a century, Bankers Life Association. Edward Temple who had a history in banking founded the company in Iowa and focused on issuing life insurance by membership only and with strict guidelines on who would be covered, and how the issuer would pay.

After its first decade of business, it grew to a staggering $29 million in force coverage, which was big enough to require the company to move to bigger spaces in Des Moines, where it still resides. After thirty years of business, and the passing of its founder, Principal changed the way it did business by swapping out the old membership style and opting for a mutual life insurance company status.

Constant growth throughout the next few decades allowed Principal to begin offering health insurance in the ’40s, and within just five short years, this division of its business represented more than a third of its revenue stream.

Principal officially became Principal Financial Group in 1985, under which it still continues to transact business. The next step for Principal was going global, and it continues to have an active arm in seven countries on three separate continents. 2001 was also a landmark year as they filed to go public.

Company Ratings:

 A.M. BestA+Superior
 FitchAA-Very strong
 Moody’s InvestorsA1Strong
 Standard & Poor´sA+Strong
 Comdex91Relative number based on all rated companies.


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