Life Insurance Examples

Review some examples showing how much life insurance you can buy with a $25, $50, or $100 monthly budget. These examples are based on the lowest current Life Insurance prices for people in excellent health. Results may vary by state and by the company.

This is not an offer to purchase Life Insurance at these prices.

Examples Using a $25.00 Monthly Budget

Sex/AgeMonthly PremiumAmount of Insurance
Male 25$25$550,000
Female 25$25$650,000
Male 30$25$535.000
Female 30$25$650,000
Male 35$25$525,000
Female 35$25$650,000
Male 40$25$350,000
Female 40$25$450,000
Male 45$25$195,000
Female 45$25$275,000
Male 50$27$105,000
Female 50$25$170,000

Examples using a $50.00 monthly budget

Sex/AgeMonthly PremiumAmount of Insurance
Male 25$50$1,250,000
Female 25$50$1,650,000
Male 30$50$1,250,000
Female 30$50$1,565,000
Male 35$50$1,200,000
Female 35$50$1,450,000
Male 40$50$775,000
Female 40$50$985,000
Male 45$50$420,000
Female 45$50$590,000
Male 50$50$235,000
Female 50$50$390,000

Examples using a $100.00 monthly budget

Sex/AgeMonthly PremiumAmount of Insurance
Male 25$100$2,500,000
Female 25$100$3,350,000
Male 30$100$2,500,000
Female 30$100$3,300,000
Male 35$100$2,550,000
Female 35$100$3,250,000
Male 40$100$1,750,000
Female 40$100$2,125,000
Male 45$100$875,000
Female 45$100$1,300,000
Male 50$100$535,000
Female 50$100$845,000

The above examples all assume qualification for the lowest rates based on excellent health and no tobacco use. If the insurance company determines that you qualify for a different rate class, premiums will be higher, which means the amount of life insurance that can be purchased for a specific budget will be less. Example based on a resident of Florida. Results may vary by state.

Why Do You Need Life Insurance?

  • To provide for your children
  • To replace your earned income
  • To cover your mortgage
  • To pay for your funeral or final expenses
  • To pay off debts and outstanding loans
  • To leave an inheritance

With all of the plan choices, options, limits, and add-ons, figuring out which policy is best for you and your family can be overwhelming. LifeQuote offers several features to help make the process of finding the right life insurance as simple and painless as possible. Our easy-to-use calculator that helps you to better identify your insurance needs. Visit our FAQs about Life Insurance section to get more answers to frequently-asked-questions.

To compare quotes, simply click get a quote and you will be taken to a page that asks you to complete a form. If you’re unsure of how much coverage you need, or how long the term should be, click speak to an agent to connect with one of our knowledgeable representatives immediately. You can also send us an email or call our licensed agents at 1-800-521-7873. Visit other sections of our website for more information about life insurance: Life Insurance 101 History of Life Insurance Understanding Life Insurance Term Insurance Explained Factors that Impact Cost Tips to Improve Your Insurance Health 10 Reasons to Buy Life Insurance

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