Life Insurance Needs Calculator

Life Insurance Needs Calculator

The most common question we get from life insurance applicants is “How much do I need?” The real question should be not how much YOU need, but how much your loved ones will need at the time of your death.

Consider how much will be needed to meet the immediate obligations of your family upon your death?

This includes funeral expenses, final medical expenses, repayment of short-term loans (credit cards, auto loans, etc.), and the mortgage balance to name a few.

Consider the long-term financial needs of your family.

Additional long-term financial needs include replacing lost income to support your family until your children are grown, or need to pay for their college tuition.

We all know life isn’t forever but why fear the inevitable? Being prepared for the future by facing our mortality sensibly and with a sound financial plan will keep our memory alive and make life easier for those who depend on us.

This calculator is designed to help determine the amount needed in a practical and easy-to-understand way.

This may include burial costs, medical bills or associated legal fees
This may include mortgages, car loans, student loans, credit card or any outstanding debts
What you earn a month is a good amount to enter here
How long your loved ones will need your income till they become financially stable?
How many children do you have under the age of 18?
How much do you suppose is required for college? Specify amount for one child.
This would include your current savings and investments, retirement funds and existing life insurance policies
Life Insurance Coverage Needed: