How to Compare Life Insurance Quotes Online

Have you ever done a quick search on Google to compare life insurance quotes? Most of the top results are either ads or pages loaded with sales and marketing copy instead of actual information. I am sure you have to hunt your way to find answers to basic questions such as:

How much will my premiums be if I am a 35-year-old, healthy, non-smoker?
How much life insurance coverage should I need with 2 children and $800,000 mortgage?

Unless you are giving up your whole day up looking for rates and different life insurance policies offered, you will need a website like LifeQuote that offers free tools to calculate your insurance needs and compare life insurance quotes to help you make an informed decision.

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The 2018 Insurance Barometer Study, conducted by insurance marketing groups Life Happens and LIMRA, found that roughly 50% of adults admitted to searching for life insurance online last year, and about a third tried to make their purchase online. This clearly points to the future of shopping for life insurance. The question is… where do you start? How can you be sure what the best tools are for providing a variety of quotes that will actually meet your needs and budget when it comes to life insurance? Let us help you navigate the process by following our best tips and the right tools to compare life insurance quotes online.

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Step 1: Understand Your Needs Before You Compare Life Insurance Quotes

Life insurance quote comparison tools are useless unless you actually know what kind of coverage you need. Don’t waste your time guesstimating and getting quotes that aren’t right to your situation. You don’t need a ton of information to compare life insurance quotes, just the basics before you actually get into the life insurance application.

Information that you will be needing to get started on comparison-shopping:

1) The insured person’s gender and date of birth
2) The desired amount of coverage (our life insurance needs calculator can help with that)
3) The desired term length of coverage (how long you will need the policy for; could be anywhere from 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, or for life)
4) Whether the insured is a smoker or a non-smoker
5) The insured’s height and weight

This is all you need to get a simple quote on our website LifeQuote.

All these other factors such as your job, chronic health conditions, prescription medicine history, driving record, credit/financial background, or any risky hobbies you regularly engage in will be considered when you will apply for a specific type of life insurance policy.

If you are not entirely sure of how much life insurance coverage is perfect for you and your loved ones, use our free need analysis calculator to get an idea of the amount needed.

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Step 2: Look for an Authoritative Website That Offers a Simple Way to Select and Apply for a Life Insurance Policy

With countless websites and companies advertising free life insurance quotes online, choosing one of them can be a bit overwhelming.

A website that promises to help you compare life insurance quotes should be easy to navigate. It should offer a set of online tools to make your policy search easier and applying for it completely painless. Try to look for the following things as you look for the best comparison tool for life insurance quotes.

1) Do they present an unbiased array of policy prices?

A series of multiple term life insurance quotes should be displayed side by side from a variety of trusted insurance carriers, instead of one single price or one single company. If you are only presented with a single quote, you may have walked into a sales trap with a company that is only offering you their insurance policy, and put sales over that unbiased customer service.

Also, if you have to spend several minutes hunting for “Apply Now” button in order to submit your information, you’re on a website that’s neglecting user experience and is not paying attention to offer good customer service.

A website should have the all the information that you need to compare life insurance quotes on a single page.

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2) Complete company profiles:

Did you know that approximately two-thirds of people of all ages believe that an updated website and social media presence makes them feel more at ease when dealing with insurance and money topics?

In this day and age, online presence is everything for businesses, and social media plays a crucial role in that. Companies that omit crucial information about insurance carriers, such as their ratings and pros and cons of company’s offerings in their reviews, may not be the most reliable source when it comes to comparing life insurance quotes. Look for companies that are transparent about who they are and what they are here to do. Look them up on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even on third-party rating services as Better Business Bureau and Angie’s list. Also, don’t forget to take a look at their customer reviews on Google, Yelp and on their websites.

3) How much personal information are they requesting?

Remember, you are not filling out an application just yet. You are simply here to compare life insurance quotes for free. You are not required to provide any detailed information about your health and lifestyle. If you’re finding that you have to fill out your home address, social security numbers, extensive health history, and things like that, then the company is asking too much from you for a simple quote. Don’t take the bait…they are probably trying to rope you into a sale before you are ready to make any decisions.

At LifeQuote, we offer no obligation to our customers. You can have a look at your quotes without talking to a life insurance agent. We are only a phone call away if you need any help or extra information.

4) Simplicity

The importance of this could not be more overstated. The website you are using to compare life insurance quotes should be easy to use. That means the variety of quotes they provide to you should be easily compared side by side on the same page. When you do decide to purchase, the company’s application process should also be relatively intuitive. If you find that you are having to click around and search for what you’re looking for, that is an indication of a disorganized company that de-values the customer service experience. Remember, it’s not just about the convenience of doing business online. It’s about getting a selection of quotes tailored just for you, eliminating the hassle of shopping around with individual insurance companies on your own. If they won’t cater to you while you’re shopping, what makes you think they will provide good continued customer service once you’ve actually bought a policy through them?

>> To get started try using our free Instant Life Insurance Quotes tool to get a sample of what to look for when shopping for life insurance:

Step 3: Talk to an Agent

While online technology is extremely helpful in the customer’s quest to compare life insurance quotes online, it is even better when paired with good old-fashioned professional help from a qualified human being. Today, about fifty percent of people prefer to do business with an actual financial professional in some way, with nearly a third already doing so. Among the younger generations, a majority of them prefer to do their research for life insurance online, but admit they would still end up buying from an actual agent.

Even while you’re shopping around online and comparing quotes, a licensed, independent life insurance agent can provide even more personalized assistance, catering to your specific needs and budget to find the best life insurance companies to match. Get connected with one of the licensed independent agents at LifeQuote here.

Why the Right Comparision Tool Matters?

Following these tips, you are well on your way to finding the right life insurance company and policy for your needs and budget. Take advantage of today’s helpful technology and start shopping for life insurance the right way.

At LifeQuote we offer the right tools you need to select the most affordable policies that best meet your needs. We are the pioneers of online life insurance industry. We’ve spent years helping families and individuals painlessly assess their insurance needs and find the best rates from America’s leading life insurance companies.

So what are you waiting for? Look around our website for more information and start to compare life insurance quotes with our free tool!

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how to compare life insurance quotes online

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