10 Most Dangerous Jobs

Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in AmericaThe Bureau of Labor Statistic’s new list of the nation´s 10 most dangerous jobs has fishermen at the top of its list.They are closely followed by loggers, the people who cut down trees, as those workers at highest risk in this country. Truckers, forklift operators, trash collectors, and cab drivers had high fatality rates and those who work in construction, such as roofers, still, rank in the top ten most dangerous jobs.

Commercial fishermen and other related fishing workers, whose workplace may include heavy machinery, stormy weather at sea and slippery surfaces, were number one in death rates. Drowning is the most common cause of death in the fishing industry. Loggers, who work in treacherous, mountainous regions cutting down heavy trees, followed. Aircraft pilots, not commercial airline pilots but rather small aircraft pilots, air-taxi pilots, and crop-dusters, round out the top 3 most dangerous professions in the nation.

10 Most Dangerous Jobs by Fatality Rate:

RankOccupationDeath Rate / 100,000Total Deaths
1Fisherman and Fishing Workers111.838
2Logging Workers86.476
3Pilots and Flight Engineers66.782
4Iron and Steel Workers45.540
5Farmers and Ranchers38.4285
7Elec. Power Line Installer/Repairer29.130
9Recyclable Material Collector22.818

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