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LifeQuote Rescues Consumers from Life Insurance Pitfalls

How to Get Maximum Benefits from a Life Insurance Policy

MIAMI, FLORIDA – December 01, 2012 – Whether you are recently married, starting a family or planning for retirement, securing life insurance is a key part of smart financial planning. The first step for consumers in planning for various life stages is considering the amount and type of life insurance that is needed. LifeQuote, a respected leader in the industry, specializes in life insurance and provides clients with advanced tools to assess their needs. Knowledge is key when obtaining life insurance, as a recent LIFE/LIMRA survey announced that ‘lack of knowledge’ by consumers is the main reason they have not bought life insurance.

Many Americans do not realize they are underinsured, as they have not been guided properly as to when to purchase their life insurance policy. According to that same LIMRA study, 35 million Americans are underinsured and one-third of married women do not own life insurance – a sobering statistic, considering 70 percent of U-S households have dual incomes, with 30 percent of wives out-earning their spouses. LifeQuote two types of life insurance— both term life and permanent/cash value life insurance, such as whole life. Discussing your needs with a licensed agent will help you figure out which type is right fit for you.

The need to have life insurance depends on a person’s life phases: marriage, children, a home purchase or other debt, career changes, and retirement. Regardless of the stage of life, insurance can help a family survive financially if the main source of income is no longer available. A policy’s death benefit can help surviving family members with everything from funeral expenses, paying off a mortgage, or the costs of a child’s college tuition. Other advantages include providing financial security for family members, not to mention the federal income tax-free benefits that life insurance proceeds receive when they are paid to your beneficiary.

Life insurance rates are at historic lows since people are living longer than ever. According to a recent LIFE/LIMRA study, consumers overestimate life insurance costs by as much as three-fold. The study also noted that many people do not buy insurance because of competing for financial priorities or because they believe they cannot afford it.

The LifeQuote Smart System® takes into account a person’s health history, the amount and term length of the desired policy and generates quotes from several life insurance companies. The quoting system even provides the financial ratings of each insurance carrier, offering only quotes from top-rated companies with ratings of A, A+ and A++, such as New York Life, ING and Prudential. provides visitors with life insurance educational resources and offers complimentary quotes online 7 days a week. An educated life insurance shopper is our best client– let LifeQuote’s free online life insurance Smart System compare top insurance carriers and rates for you.

About The Company LifeQuote Holdings, Inc., is a pioneer in online life insurance brokerage. The firm was one of the first to offer consumers life insurance quoting technology via telephone in the 1980’s, prior to developing the Internet business model. The executive team is made up of life insurance and retirement plan veterans, as well as media/marketing specialists, and experts in web design, development and search engine optimization. The company CEO is a respected leader in his field and coveted public speaker at national industry meetings. To find out more, please visit

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