Life Insurance Without an Exam

Most people do not think that it is possible to get life insurance without an exam. However, it is actually life insurance without an exampretty common these days. There are many life insurance providers who do not require applicants to go through a physical in order to get a life insurance policy. A lot of people are afraid of being denied so they do not even take time to apply for a policy. That is a mistake. Especially when it is as easy as applying for coverage online. When applying without a physical, expect to be asked questions about your health. Be open and honest on your application. That will determine the accuracy of the quote and give you a good idea of what your premium will be.

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How to Get a No Medical Exam Life Insurance?

There is something to be said for a simplified-issue term life insurance policy, without the need for a medical exam; just a few health questions, no tests, no waiting periods. It is not for everyone. The rates are more expensive than those of other policies that require physical exams but for people who know they are in higher risk health categories, it may be the best way to find the life insurance coverage you need. Learn more about these no-exam insurance policies and see if they are right for you.

LifeQuote offers a quick and easy process that allows you to find the most affordable term life insurance policy on the market, from only top-rated insurance companies that you can trust. Many of the nation’s largest insurance carriers often offer the lowest rates because they have the resources necessary to compete for your dollars. At LifeQuote, we are more than insurance experts – we take the time to learn about you, your family and your preferences before working with you to find the right life insurance policy.

We offer several features to help make the process of finding the right life insurance as simple and painless as possible.

To compare quotes, visit our instant life insurance quotes page and fill out a simple form. If you’re unsure of how much coverage you need, or how long the term should be, connect with one of our knowledgeable representatives immediately. If you want to find out more about “life insurance without an exam” you can send us an email or call our licensed agents at 1-800-521-7873.

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